Stoppages & Sewer Line Repairs


Backflow Preventers:

We can repair or replace all sizes of backflow preventers on your home or business. Sometimes these may break due to age or in our area during the few colder months we have they tend to freeze and break as well. We carry an assortment or parts and sizes to get you taken care of.


Have a toilet or tub that is slow draining or sluggish? Have water seeping up from around under your toilet at the base? These are all signs of a drain or sewer stoppage. You can also watch water coming up out of your washing machine drain line as well. These are all pretty good indicators that you may have an issue going on in your drain lines. We can help you with all of these. We specialize in Unstopping, Repairing, Replacing and Tunneling under the foundation to replace broken or offset old concrete drain lines. We can run our camera through an accessible location preferably a cleanout to locate to problem and go over all your options to repair your problem. We can get you back up and running in no time!

Main Water Line:

Notice water in your yard when there shouldn’t be? Maybe your main shut off to your home is leaking or won’t shut off? No worries we can handle all those issues as well. We handle everything from replacing main water riser’s going into your home, your main water shut off’s, spot repairs to replacing your main water line. We also can go through your home and check for any old plumbing fixture shut off ‘s or water supply lines that may need to be replaced and catch them before they leak and become an issue as well. Also, that old spigot you have outside that sprays every way besides the direction you want it to, yep we can replace that for you as well!


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