Commercial and residential plumbing & remodeling

Let L H & H Plumbing enhance your property’s aesthetics and functionality through our plumbing and remodeling services. From repairing your existing plumbing to designing your old bathroom, you can count on us to deliver impressive results. Browse through our wide range of services listed below. We serve homes and businesses in and around Houston, Texas.

Faucet and Toilet Repair and Replacements

We repair and replace all models of bathroom, kitchen, tub or shower, and bar sink faucets. We also repair and replace toilets, bidets, urinals, and garbage disposals. Our expert team can service all types of brands, including Kohler, Moen, Pfister, American Standard, Toto, Badger 5, and much more. Call us today to schedule your plumbing installation!

Stoppages and Sewer Line Repairs and Replacements

At L H & H Plumbing, we tunnel under your home to make necessary repairs on your drain lines. We obtain all permits and hire an engineer to make sure everything is completed to code.

Gas Testing and Plumbing Repairs

Has your gas been off for an extended amount of time and/or has your meter been pulled? Call L H & H Plumbing! We can handle all gas leaks, leak repairs, replacements, as well as gas testing. We also install gas fireplaces, lanterns, BBQ grills etc. We pull permits and obtain inspections.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is used to isolate a leak when a home’s plumbing system is experiencing low water pressure. Testing your pipes can expose issues that are preventing the system from operating at design pressures, including possible water leaks.

Experienced plumbers are essential to receive accurate results from hydrostatic tests. If the test ball is not positioned within the pipe correctly, inaccurate results are common. Our company has conducted thousands of accurate hydrostatic tests over our more than 15 years of service.

Water Leaks

Do you have dripping faucets? We can detect and repair any water leak. Have you suddenly noticed a high water bill? That can be a sign of a water leak in your house. Leaky faucets and pipes are common problems, especially here in Houston, Texas. The city can provide its citizens with hard water, which can create calcium and scale buildup inside the piping and fixtures in your home. These buildups cause the pipes and fixtures to rust on the inside, producing microscopic fibers that flush through the system, creating leaks.

Kitchen Sinks

Most homeowners keep a lot of household cleaning supplies like carpet sprays, dishwasher detergents, and countertop cleaners underneath the kitchen sink. While having ready access to the tools you need is important, remember that all of those items could be hiding a leak under your sink. Under-sink caddies are great for storing and removing those cleaning supplies a lot easier so you can regularly check for leaks.

Water Heaters

In some homes, the water heater actually has the pressure release valve plugged directly into a drain. If there’s a leak in that area, the water will consistently drain from the tank, but you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary. If you can’t get to where the pressure relief valve is located, you might try listening for any unusual sounds from the tank — such as spitting or hissing. You may also see water in the water heater pan or a pipe with water dripping from it.


These leaks often go undetected. Put some food dye in the toilet tank and wait a little while. If you find later that there is colored water in the toilet bowl, there is a leak that needs to be repaired.

Sprinkler Systems

Check the areas surrounding each sprinkler head. If any area seems to be remaining moister than the others, there’s a chance you’ve got a leak at that location. Also, check your backflow preventer. Backflow preventers look kind of like a bell, which commonly has issues in cold weather as well as when they age.